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Case studies of work already being carried out by support workers from Support Worker Ltd.

We hope these examples will give a greater understanding of the type of support that can be available under this scheme. The names have been changed and the places of work disguised to give our clients anonymity.


Timothy, who is blind, works as a Client Support Development Manager for a medical society. His duties include visiting customers in their homes. His support worker carries out general administration but in particular reads all correspondence, updates general information and transcripts printed text onto tape. In addition, he will drive Timothy to his visits.

Lucy, who works as a Student Admission Administrator at a college of further education, has cerebral palsy. She requires general assistance from her support worker with some personal care with clothing, food and drink.

Judy is wheelchair bound because of her multiple sclerosis. Her work for a blind association takes her into client’s homes. Her support worker provides assistance with form filling, photocopying, lifting, carrying, reaching, filing files, getting refreshments and accompanying her to meetings and visiting clients.

Joseph, whose physical disability makes him a wheelchair user, works in the campaign department of a leading charity. This requires constant travel which he undertakes with his support worker, who also provides some personal care including arranging clothing and assisting to stand for toilet.

Maureen, who has dyspraxia, a neurological disorder which affect her movement, co-ordination and memory, works for her local council. She receives assistance from her support worker with general administration, proof reading, preparing and checking note and files.

Sarah, who is deaf, works for herself at home. Her support worker helps her with the administration which her deafness makes impractical

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